JEPF open letter reply to ISD rejection_Chi

禁新聞系學生採訪官方場合 政府拒絕會面商討解決方法

  • 對於政府拒絕讓大專的新聞系學生進入官方場合採訪,新聞教育工作者聯席對此感到非常失望。
  • 我們亦對新聞處長拒絕與新聞教育工作者聯席會晤深感遺憾。
  • 我們促請政府公開釐清新聞處批准拒絕不同傳媒機構進入官方場合採訪的準則,解釋何以此等新聞機構即使同樣已註冊或登記,但卻有不同處理方法。


Dear Mr Nip,
We are a group of educators teaching journalism in the journalism schools and departments of Hong Kong Baptist University(HKBU) , The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Chu Hai College.
Our students report on the news in Hong Kong as part of their hands-on training and education in the practice of journalism. This practical training is carried out under the supervision of teachers with long years of experience as professionals in the industry.
The reports produced are not just mere pieces of coursework or home-work, but are also stories for general circulation online and in print format.
In the course of carrying out their reporting duties, our students regularly encounter difficulties gaining access to official news conferences and events and to facilities set up for the news media. This seriously affects their ability to both gain valuable practical reporting experience and to report on the news for their publications.
Therefore, we would like to request a meeting with you and your colleagues to discuss the issue of access for reporters of student-produced news publications (both online and in print) of local journalism schools.
We look forward to your favourable reply.
Yours sincerely,
Eva Chan Sik-Chee, School of Journalism & Communication, CUHK Yuen Chan, School of Journalism & Communication, CUHK Vivian Tam Wai-wan, School of Journalism & Communication, CUHK Bruce Lui Ping-kuen, Dept. of Journalism, HKBU To Yiu-ming, Dept. of Journalism, HKBU Wong Tin Chi, Dept of Journalism, HKBU Lin Ching-kit, Dept. of Journalism & Communication, Chu Hai College


ISD reply to JEPF1

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對此, 我們作出以下的回應:


大專新聞教育工作者聯席於3月26日致函政府新聞處,要求約見 貴處人員,商討本地新聞系學生進入官方場合採訪事宜。可惜 貴處4月19日的覆函,完全漠視本會要求會面的要求,斷然禁止學生於官方場合採訪的機會,理由是場地限制、保安理由及現場秩序。本會對此感到非常遺憾。

貴處曾聲稱,官方採訪場合,一般會讓已註冊或持牌的傳媒機構進場。然而,並不是所有已註冊的機構都包含其中。到底孰能進,孰不可,當中如何決定, 貴處沒有清楚解釋。事實上,一些大專新聞系實習刊物,早於報刊註冊處註冊,學生記者卻仍不能進場採訪,原因為何?

貴處的覆函有云,特區政府尊重新聞自由,認同公開和透明的原則。基於這份精神,本會要求 貴處公開解釋拒絕學生記者進場採訪的原因,以釋疑慮。





陳惜姿,中文大學新聞與傳播學院, 陳婉雯,中文大學新聞與傳播學院,  譚蕙芸,中文大學新聞與傳播學院, 呂秉權,浸會大學新聞系,  杜耀明,浸會大學新聞系,  黃天賜,浸會大學新聞系, 林靜潔,珠海學院新聞及傳播學系

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