JEPF expresses concern over transfer of Commercial Radio’s Lee Wai-ling

Journalism Educators for Press Freedom (JEPF) expresses its concern over the transfer of programme host Lee Wai Ling from Commercial Radio’s On a Clear Day.

On a Clear Day is an important and influential programme where opinions on policies and livelihood issues are freely expressed. Lee is a focal presenter, whose public image as a fearless and dogged monitor of the government is widely accepted by the public. Over the years, and at crucial times, Lee has played an important part by standing on the side of the weak. It would be a loss to Hong Kong to lose her voice.

Lee has worked at Commercial Radio for nine years and has been through many programme changes, but has never been in a situation as grave as the current one. Her sudden transfer from On a Clear Day is highly irregular. It is clear the two sides did not reach a consensus. For a morning programme to experience such a change will inevitably arouse suspicions that there are more than commercial considerations at play.

We are worried that the unreasonable transfer of a current affairs programme’s outspoken presenter will have a chilling effect and put pressure on other programme presenters.

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