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Joint statement condemning brutal treatment of Hong Kong journalists reporting on Wukan

The Hong Kong Journalists Association, the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association, Independent Commentators Association and Journalism Educators for Press Freedom have issued a joint statement strongly condemning the Lufeng authorities’ brutal obstruction of Hong Kong journalists reporting on the Wukan villagers’ rights protection movement. The groups note that in recent years, Hong Kong journalists have been repeatedly subject to interference and brutal treatment at the hands of law enforcement agents and people of unknown identity while reporting in the Mainland. In this latest incident, the Hong Kong journalists were unreasonably and violently muzzled. The four groups call on the Hong Kong SAR government to follow up on the incident, to safeguard the personal safety of Hong Kong journalists, and to take effective measures to protect journalists’ reporting rights.

After the Lufeng authorities sent hundreds of police to crackdown on villagers in Wukan, Ming Pao, the South China Morning Post and Hong Kong We Media dispatched at least five reporters to cover the confrontation between police and villagers. According to one journalist, a group of what is believed to be plain-clothes police broke down the door at a Wukan villager’s, where the journalists were hiding. The men asked the journalists to kneel down, one of the journalists received a blow to the back of the head, one was punched and one was pushed to the ground. A villager tried to protect the reporters without success. Although the journalists did not offer any resistance throughout the episode, they were roughed up, cursed and sworn at. They were later driven to the Lufeng Public Security Bureau and detained until 03:00. Police demanded they sign letters stating they would never return to report in Lufeng and agreed not to report any news related to Wukan. They were then taken to Shenzhen and ordered to leave.

The four associations are deeply concerned that the repeated interference faced by Hong Kong journalists reporting in the Mainland, and the continuous decline of press freedom will affect the work of journalists. Although Hong Kong journalists have been repeatedly obstructed and subjected to violence, we have not seen the Hong Kong SAR government following up on the incidents, nor have mainland authorities offered any explanation. In this latest Wukan incident, authorities have not produced any rationale or explanation for their unreasonable detention and violent treatment.

The four associations call on the Hong Kong SAR government and the Central Government to tolerate such reprehensible actions, to safeguard the personal safety of journalists, and to bring the perpetrators to justice. At the same time, we hope the SAR government can reflect Hong Kong journalists’ concerns to the relevant authorities. We hope journalists can carry out their work without unnecessary restrictions, so as to ensure the public’s right to know. We also hope the Central Liaison Office can carry out its role as a bridge, to reflect journalists’ needs to the relevant authorities so that reporters can carry out their work.


Hong Kong Journalists Association

Hong Kong Press Photographers Association

Independent Commentators Association

Journalism Educators for Press Freedom


15 September 2016







明報突解僱執總姜國元 七會深表震驚








Eight media associations shocked by the dismissal of veteran editor

We are deeply shocked and disturbed by the sudden dismissal of Ming Pao’s Executive Chief Editor Keung Kwok-yuen.

In the name of “cost cutting”, the Chinese daily dismissed Mr Keung at midnight Wednesday with immediate effect. No reshuffle has been announced to fill his work.
The handling of Mr Keung’s dismissal is full of anomalies making it difficult for anyone to accept it as a pure cost-cutting move. The management owned its reader and the public an explanation.

Mr Keung is a veteran journalist who has spearheaded the coverage of major controversies in Hong Kong in the past decades. Among them were the 2003 rally against the national security law; the 2012 campaign against national education as well as the death of mainland political dissident Li Wang-yang. He was praised as the soul of the team by many staff members.

If a journalist as moderate and professional as Mr Keung cannot be tolerated, what does it say about the press freedom of Hong Kong?

We are deeply disturbed and worried.

The Hong Kong Journalist Association
the Independent Commentators Association
The Hong Kong Press Photographer Association
Journalism Educators for Press Freedom
The RTHK Programme Staff Union
The Next Media Trade Union
The International Federation of Journalists
Foreign Correspondents’ Club Hong Kong

As of April 21st 2016

JEPF statement on TVB’s de-facto demotion of journalist

The factual reporting by TVB News on the beating of social worker Ken Tsang by seven police officers in a corner of Tamar Park made waves in our society. Yet, TVB has moved Assistant News Editor Ho Wing-hong, who was responsible for the report, from frontline news gathering to the position of Chief Researcher. Journalism Educators for Press Freedom (JEPF) is deeply angered by this move.

We do not think there was anything wrong with the way Ho handled the news. Rather, it is TVB’s subsequent removal of the terms “kicked and punched” and “secluded corner” that bear the suspicion of self-censorship. Close to 100 TVB employees from the News and other departments have publicly voiced their disatisfaction and unease at management’s distrust of the original report.

We strongly condemn TVB News management’s shirking of its responsibility and failure to confront its mistakes. Instead, it is trying to clean up the mess and suppress  doubts publicly aired by the majority of staff by “killing the chicken to warn the monkeys”. In so doing, it is also ignoring the general public’s concern about possible self-censorship exercised by the TVB News Director.

What is wrong with journalists carrying out their duties according to professional judgement and conscience? Why must they be moved from their jobs as a result? We invite senior management at TVB News to give the public an explanation as to why Ho has been moved. We are also concerned about those members of staff who signed petitions over this incident and in support of colleagues who were attacked by anti-Occupy protesters. We will watch closely to see if they will be in any way punished.

In these difficult times, we need steadfast journalists standing at the frontline of news. The retribution carried out by TVB News is one more knife stabbed into our already imperiled press freedom. In view of such actions, will our young reporters still have the courage to report with conscience? As journalism educators, we cannot stand by and do nothing. We call on senior management at TVB News to make a public response!










1. 《明報》是一份具影響力的報章,近年在偵查報道上屢創佳績,獲得不少獎項,成績有目共睹。在過去多年,《明報》總編輯皆由內部晉升,而歷任的《明報》總編輯都是有豐富香港經驗的傳媒工作者。今次由「空降人士」,擔任擁有編採實權的總編輯一職,屬於不尋常的人事調動,令人懷疑其中有沒有政治和商業考慮,甚至干預。

2. 目前香港處於政制改革的關鍵時期,新任總編輯若不熟悉香港情況,如何能在複雜多變的局面中掌握香港社會的脈搏,以港人的角度和利益去思考,同時又捍衛《明報》的辦報宗旨,切實擔當為民喉舌、監督權力的角色?

3. 這次人事變動,對《明報》員工士氣有一定的影響。管理層必須增加透明度,清楚向員工解釋是次重大決定的原委。《明報》管理層亦必須列出具體措施,以保證該報編採方針不受人事變動影響,員工能夠不偏不倚發掘真相、報道事實。

4. 香港近期發生多宗令人關注的傳媒事件,包括商台節目主持人李慧玲被調離原來節目、《信報》「獨眼香江」專欄因抽稿事件導致記者集體辭職、《經濟日報》刪改周博賢文章、壹傳媒被無綫電視封殺、港視不獲發牌等等。聯席呼籲傳媒高層共同維護香港的新聞和言論自由,捍衛港人核心價值。

JEPF expresses concern over transfer of Commercial Radio’s Lee Wai-ling

Journalism Educators for Press Freedom (JEPF) expresses its concern over the transfer of programme host Lee Wai Ling from Commercial Radio’s On a Clear Day.

On a Clear Day is an important and influential programme where opinions on policies and livelihood issues are freely expressed. Lee is a focal presenter, whose public image as a fearless and dogged monitor of the government is widely accepted by the public. Over the years, and at crucial times, Lee has played an important part by standing on the side of the weak. It would be a loss to Hong Kong to lose her voice.

Lee has worked at Commercial Radio for nine years and has been through many programme changes, but has never been in a situation as grave as the current one. Her sudden transfer from On a Clear Day is highly irregular. It is clear the two sides did not reach a consensus. For a morning programme to experience such a change will inevitably arouse suspicions that there are more than commercial considerations at play.

We are worried that the unreasonable transfer of a current affairs programme’s outspoken presenter will have a chilling effect and put pressure on other programme presenters.













  • 當局對記者錄取口供並要求其出庭作供的做法是不尋常、不必要和不合理的
  • 事件反映當局欠缺敏感度,對記者如實、公正報道的角色並沒足夠認識和尊重,要記者為檢控被訪者作供或作證會嚴重影響記者不偏不倚的形象
  • 當局這次做法,對記者和新聞界立下了一個很壞的先例,構成了惡劣的影響


  • 無綫這次的做法明顯偏離以往的慣例,在沒有法庭的命令下已向警方提供新聞片段
  • 無綫協助或配合警方,讓警員在公司物業內,對所有涉及製作、處理、採訪和報道該新聞的員工錄取口供
  • 此舉嚴重打擊新聞部的尊嚴和專業形象
  • 無綫並沒確保員工充分知悉自己的法律權利,包括緘默權
  • 無綫未能對何永康和受影響的員工提供全面和足夠的法律和精神支援,又強調何永康於首次錄口供後,曾經離職,一度並非其僱員。但事實上,何永康之所以牽涉此事,全因他當年任職無綫時所做的採訪工作







中大新聞與傳播學院講師 陳婉雯
中大新聞與傳播學院講師 譚蕙芸
中大新聞與傳播學院高級講師 陳惜姿

浸大新聞系助理教授 杜耀明
浸大新聞系講師 黃天賜
浸大新聞系客席高級講師 呂秉權